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Global NDA Conference

In October 2018, Laurence Blandford attended the Green Climate Fund (GCF)’s first Global NDA Conference (October 8th to 12th) in Incheon, South Korea, which brought together participants from GCF National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and focal points around the globe to help set the ambition and vision for the future of the Fund. The Conference aimed to strengthen engagement between countries and the Fund, and introduce private investment opportunities to all stakeholders. In his presentation, Laurence shared with attendees recommendations to develop the Fund’s Private Sector Facility (PSF) roadmap, and the scenarios that will inform the PSF’s business plan. Key recommendations focused on how the Fund could enhance risk taking to achieve more impact; support strengthening local financial institutions and capital markets to spur sustainable, climate-compatible growth; and strengthen key co-catalysts for policy-led transformation, including financial mechanisms for private transformation and pipeline development.


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