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Too Good to Waste – Finance Specialist (FS) Consultant


The position will be located in Washington, DC, USA or remotely.

About this position

We are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Finance Specialist (FS) for the Too Good to Waste (TGTW) Initiative. The TGTW Initiative is led by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The main objective of the TGTW Initiative is to assist IDB’s borrowing member countries in accelerating the implementation of solid waste management (SWM) projects to mitigate methane emissions, therefore contributing to  the goal established by the Global Methane Pledge (GMP) of mitigating at least 30 percent of methane emissions by 2030. The IDB TGTW initiative seeks to achieve this objective by aligning with the GMP waste pathway in financing: (i) methodologies and technology pilots for improving measurement and traceability; (ii) bankable projects, feasibility studies, and business plans to scale subnational actions while also mobilizing financial resources; and (iii) knowledge generation and dissemination, access to information, and community engagement.

As the FS you will conduct the financial administration of the assigned components of the  TGTW Initiative, as well as assist and report to the Project Coordinator in all financial matters related to the implementation of the Project. The FS is also responsible for preparing and updating Financial Progress Reports, the Project Account, the Accounting Manual, disbursements requests and payments, financial planning and accounting records, and other related financial reports as required by the Bank. You will report directly to CCAP’s Executive Director, and work in close coordination with the Bank’s Water and Sanitation Division (WSA) Team Leader, which will lead the implementation of the TGTW Initiative. 

What you’ll do:                         


  • ​Prepare and update Project accounts in a timely manner and prepare Financial Reports by the stipulated date for each Fiscal Year, as agreed in the TGTW Initiative.

  • Prepare ToRs for the audit of the Financial Statements. Adjust and follow the Accounting Manual as per the need of the project.

  • Establish and maintain adequate internal controls that are aligned with CCAP’s existing apparatus.

  • Prepare monthly (i) reconciliations of project resources with Project’s bank accounts and IDB’s OPS 1 report ; (ii) In-house financial statements that are aligned with the reporting requirements of the Windward Fund, on behalf of its Global Methane Hub.

  • Ensure, in coordination with CCAP’s legal team, the compliance of the Project financial operations and reporting obligations with the contractual clauses and requirements of the project with the Bank, including the Project’s Operating Manual (POM).

  • Integrate financial procedures and systems with CCAP’s Management Information System to track Project progress and management performance.

  • Give input to financial related matters in Project meetings and the financial due diligence of project procurement processes taken by CCAP.

  • Assist in the planning for the Project, taking the lead role in the financial plan and budgets and ensuring that the assumptions, parameters, guidelines and policies in planning are complied with.

  • Monitor Project and budget performances and make recommendations to improve performance and budget execution in relation to Financial Management

  • Prepare financial disbursement requests and justifications of eligible project expenditure using Bank templates and monitor financial disbursements and all administrative procedures in line with the CCAP’s requirements and in accordance the Bank’s Financial Management Guidelines (OP-273).

  • Prepare and submit the financial reports stipulated in the POM, and as may be requested by the Bank from time to time, including the financial status and Disbursement forms, and annual Audited Financial Statements (AFS) of the Project.

  • Facilitate the hiring of the external project auditor; preparation for and conduct of the audit exercises by external auditor in accordance with the Bank’s Audited Financial Reports and External Audit Management Handbook.

  • Ensure the timeliness of required financial reports to the Bank on a regular basis.

  • Participate in preparation of the Semi-annual Progress Reports, contributing to the financial sections.

  • Establish, in coordination with CCAP, appropriate records management arrangement that ensures retention of Project financial and non-financial records for at least three (3) years post the Last Disbursement Date of the Project. The Records Management should facilitate and maintain appropriate files and records, provide information and otherwise facilitate, as needed, the following activities and events:

  1. Mid-term evaluation of the Project

  2. Annual Project monitoring meetings (led by the Bank)

  3. Final evaluation of the Project

  • Perform any other related duties as required by the PC.

What you'll need

The following items will be used for the evaluation of applicants:

  • Education: bachelor’s degree in accounting or other fields relevant to the responsibilities of the role. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

  • Experience: 12 years of general accounting experience, particularly working in the nonprofit sector.

Specific experience:

  • Experience in financial administration of international donor financed projects.

  • Expertise in maintaining accounting records (including preparing and updating financial progress reports, project specific accounts, accounting manuals, disbursements requests and payments and other related financial reports).

  • Experience preparing financial reports and monthly reconciliation reports.

  • Skills for the development of high-quality final documents to comply with project deliverables.

  • Excellent communication skills and as well as teamwork abilities.

Soft Skills:

  • Collaborate and share knowledge.

  • Ability to communicate effectively, both written and verbally.

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and project management skills are required.

  • Learn continuously.

  • Collaborate and share knowledge.

  • Focus on clients.

  • Communicate and influence.

  • Innovate and try new things.

  • Languages: Proficiency in English spoken and written, is required.

  • Experience preparing financial reports and monthly reconciliation reports.

  • Experience as a lead specialist preparing financial plans and budgets.


Citizenship: You are a citizen of one of our 48-member countries of the IDB with residency or legal permit to work in selected countries.

Consanguinity: You have no family members (up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity, including spouse) working at the IDB, IDB Invest, or IDB Lab.

Type of contract and duration:


  • Type of contract: Defined term consultancy (deliverable based).

  • Length of contract: 64 days in a period of 24 months.


Table 1. Payment Schedule

About CCAP

CCAP’s mission is to support every step of climate action, from ambition to implementation. A recognized world leader in climate policy and action, CCAP creates innovative, replicable climate solutions, strengthens capacities, and promotes best practices across the local, national, and international levels to accelerate the transition to a net-zero, climate resilient future. Our programs – climate finance, carbon markets, and climate action – are not siloed entities working on different issues. They are buckets of expertise from which we draw resources to share knowledge across all levels of societal organization. Our passion is establishing best practices and bringing diverse actors together to address the crisis of climate change.

At the international level, CCAP works as an advisor and observer to high-level discussions, such as the annual Conference of Parties to the Climate Change Convention. We work closely with international funding organizations such as the NAMA Facility and the Green Climate Fund to improve internal expertise and to directly organize projects that will help individual countries or regions to implement less carbon-intensive or carbon-neutral actions. This international experience gives us a valuable perspective for advising countries and other governmental entities on how they can best position themselves to attract international climate financing, comply with international best practices, and achieve national goals. 

In the process of our on-the-ground work, whether it is working directly with decision makers and stakeholders or whether it is working with stakeholders to implement new processes in the sectors of transport, waste, clean energy, or fossil fuels, we are able to identify specific challenges and obstacles to the high-level goals. This knowledge is then brought back to the international and national levels, creating a virtuous circle of knowledge sharing and expertise building. 

CCAP is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a Guidestar gold transparency rating. Its funding comes from fee-based project work, grants, and donations from individuals and organizations.

CCAP has more than 35 years of experience working in the environmental sector. We currently work in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa.

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