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Impact and viability carbon price assessment  


  • Evaluated the carbon pricing programs in the Asia-Pacific (focused in Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia) to provide practical advice to improve the emissions impact of each program towards realizing domestic climate goals while improving the overall economic, employment, and equity impacts


Article 6 Paris Agreement virtual Pilots 


  • Identified and elaborated specific opportunities in the Philippines, Peru and Chile to generate ITMOS

  • Through structured dialogue and capacity building programs, CCAP engaged high-level government and business leaders in six Asian countries— Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam


Build Momentum for US Cap and Trade Policy


  • Convened stakeholders’ dialogues aimed at building consensus around win-win cap and trade policy designs, aimed at both legislative and regulatory contexts

  • Shared modelling studies and analysis of policy designs, forming a common knowledge base

  • Developed win-win solutions for consideration by stakeholders

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