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Our Vision

To accelerate transformative climate finance by mobilizing financial resources from the public and private sector and raising ambition to drive the decarbonization pathway and net-zero emissions in 2050.


Our Team

Our Team

Above the Clouds

Our Mission

 To provide integrated solutions and insights on climate finance, including:

  1. Decarbonization and Low Carbon Transition solutions aimed at preparing the public policy tools and mechanisms to mobilize climate finance at the national and sub-national levels.

  2. Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, financial mechanisms targeted to channel climate finance solutions to direct beneficiaries.

  3. Action-oriented solutions aimed at accelerating public-private collaboration for climate finance mobilization, such as access to international climate finance.

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Our Work

Advisory Work

1. Development of NDC Financial Plan for the government of the Philippines.

2. Climate Finance Tracking Taxonomy for the energy sector in Seychelles.


3. GCF Readiness programme support: Strengthening the local financial system by analyzing gaps and opportunities for the integration of climate physical and transition risks for the governments of Chile, Ghana, and Uzbekistan.


Track Record

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Access to Finance

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Climate-related Financial Disclosures


Climate Finance Tracking

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Green Recovery

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Decarbonization Pathways

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Programme Publications

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