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1st Oil and Gas Methane Leadership Awards

In what hopefully will become an annual tradition celebrating ambitious action to reduce methane emissions, the first ever Oil and Gas Methane Leadership Award event was held in Toronto. The event was held in the margins of the Global Methane Forum, where scientists, policy makers, industry and civil society came together to discuss the best way forward to reduce the emissions of the most abundant short lived climate pollutant. And the winners were:

  • Colorado and California for Leadership by a Subnational Government, both of which have played instrumental roles in developing and implementing methane emission standards;

  • Mexico, recognized as an Emerging Leader for its commitment to cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40-45% and strong forward progress in defining regulations for new and existing sources; and

  • FLIR, for Technology Innovation for its role in transforming the tools used to quickly and cost-effectively detect methane leaks.

See the full press release put out by CCAP and the other organizers here. We are thrilled that the Mexican press— “Líderes Mexicanos” magazine, 20 Minutos, Diario de Querétaro and El Sol de San Juan del Río—is covering this important story.


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