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An Analysis of Potential and Existing Sources of NAMA Finance

NAMA finance is a critical component of the NAMA mechanism and is essential to getting NAMAs off the ground and into the next stage of implementation. Already at least 33 developing countries are in various stages of developing more than 55 NAMAs and 34 feasibility studies, exhibiting a high level of interest and engagement. Furthermore, this week, the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Building and CCAP organized the Global NAMA Financing Summit bringing together high-level government officials across developing countries, key contributing countries, multilateral development banks, and international and national development banks to discuss the role that financing institutions have in support of NAMA development.

By linking financial support with effective government policies and sustainable development outcomes, the NAMA mechanism offers a way for international financial support to enable emissions reductions on a sector-wide scale, and offers the ability to mainstream climate into development finance.