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CCAP Presents at Webinar on Carbon Credits: A Solution for the Decarbonization of Companies

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

CCAP presented on the state of play of the carbon markets in Latin America.

CCAP presented to an audience of nearly 250 individuals during a Nexos+1 webinar event, titled Carbon Credits: A Solution for the Decarbonization of Companies on Wednesday, October 26. Carbon Markets Program Manager Martin Perez discussed the state of play of carbon markets in Latin America and engaged in a conversation about the carbon markets' role in decarbonization.

During the presentation, many attendees were interested in how the carbon markets and other carbon price signals could be used as a tool for climate action with a just transition.

The event was co-hosted by DecarBOOST, which is a three-year project, aimed to support the LAC region and specifically the countries of Argentina, Brazil and Peru, to catalyze the transition towards a low-carbon society and promote consistent investments with resilient development. CCAP is an implementing partner for this initiative and regularly participates in its events and workshops. You can learn more about future events here.


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