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CCAP Signs MOU for Waste NAMA Feasibility Study

CCAP’s waste NAMA initiative took a great leap forward recently, as plans to conduct a feasibility study in Cali, Colombia were solidified on Nov. 6. In September, CCAP, with the support of its steering committee, had decided to focus on its next phase of potential waste NAMA studies in two cities – Cali and Sogamoso.

Keeping in step with our plan, CCAP has successfully signed a memorandum of understanding with the municipality of Cali to conduct a feasibility study for Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) facilities to deal with municipal solid waste generated in the city of Cali. The MOU was signed by the Mayor of Cali, Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero Velasco and Director of CCAP, Anmol Vanamali and can be found here. The signing of the MOU was followed by a press conference where the CCAP representatives, Anmol Vanamali and Michael LaGiglia fielded a plentitude of questions from reporters belonging to leading newspapers and media outlets eager to understand the nature of CCAP’s involvement, the scope of the feasibility study and the eventual goal of this process. Articles from local media outlets can be found here, here and here.