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Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme in Uzbekistan- Thematic Training 2: Mitigation and Adaptation

The second of three thematic training sessions in the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme in Uzbekistan focused on engaging GCF for climate finance. In delivering this Thematic Training, CCAP drew on our experience supporting developing countries prepare climate projects and climate finance proposals that achieve meaningful greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, align with national development goals, and catalyze private sector investment, and our strong understanding of GCF criteria, priorities and processes.

In this training session, CCAP shared information on GCF policies and procedures, and provided insights and technical training on the development of compelling proposals that align with GCF criteria and support the achievement of national priorities. CCAP also helped national stakeholders understand the broader context of international climate policy finance architecture, including the role of the Paris Agreement and the GCF in supporting national climate action. For private sector and financial institutions, we enhanced their understanding of climate-compatible investment opportunities.


  • Strengthen capacity to identify, develop, and submit for financing transformational, competitive climate finance proposals;

  • Build capacity and identify tools to assess emissions baseline and climate vulnerabilities;

  • Promote strategic national planning for mitigation and adaptation, including the development of financing strategies, programs, and project proposals that align with national priorities and engage private and financial sectors.


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