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International Climate Mitigation in 2013: Fallow Ground or Transformational Change?

“Policy Insights” discuss practical climate change solutions that are emerging from CCAP’s extensive on-the-ground work in developing countries and internationally. Initially they will focus on the effective implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) by developing countries.

The Doha climate change conference last year marked the end of a major negotiation cycle and the start of a new one. Parties are proceeding with two workstreams: one to deliver a new legal agreement, applicable to all Parties, by 2015 to take effect from 2020, and one to enhance mitigation ambition before 2020. Alongside the implementation of a second Kyoto commitment period through 2020, Parties are working to achieve their pledges under the Convention, operationalize the Green Climate Fund and the Technology Mechanism, develop a new market-based mechanism under the Convention and establish institutional arrangements on loss and damage. Without a clear pathway to the 2015 agreement, it appears likely that the next year of international negotiations will be one of regrouping and fermentation of new ideas as Parties seek a comprehensive legal approach.

The first negotiation session of 2013 in Bonn last