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NAMA Finance on the Ground

While CCAP continues to promote a bottom-up approach to climate change mitigation policies in developing countries, it’s imperative to also stay engaged in the larger debate that encircles NAMAs and international financial mechanisms. As part of that effort, CCAP President Ned Helme recently attended an International Workshop on NAMA Finance that was hosted by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation. The event touched on the development of NAMAs as a UNFCCC concept, lessons learned from implementing pilot projects, as well as barriers surrounding NAMA finance. Those in attendance included representatives from environmental ministries, the UNFCCC and international development banks.

As part of his presentation, Ned provided insight into CCAP’s MAIN program, noting in particular the on-the-ground work that has been carried out to further the design of NAMAs in the waste, renewables and tourism sectors. He stressed the need to bring financial experts, domestic leaders and private developers into the initial phases of the project design process. In the UNFCCC context, Ned highlighted the need for more support in international financing for NAMAs, pointing out the suffering carbon markets and the decreasing demand for CDM credits. Further, the NAMA framework presents a win-win opportunity for developing countries, as NAMAs not only target greenhouse gas reduction goals, but also aim to promote sustainable development, public health and mobility.

To watch a full interview with Ned where he discusses the need for NAMAs and how they differ from the CDM, click here.


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