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NAMAs: Opportunity Knocking

In a series of “Policy Insights” Ned Helme will discuss practical climate change solutions that are emerging from CCAP’s extensive on-the-ground work in developing countries and internationally. Initially focusing on the effective implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) by developing countries, future briefings will explore the details associated.

The global community faces two possible climate change pathways toward 2020. The first delays meaningful on-the-ground action and places needed stabilization scenarios virtually out of reach. The second focuses international investment resources to enable low carbon development policies and actions in the near-term, improving quality of life while avoiding the worst climate change impacts. The second pathway requires sustained policy change in key sectors supported by significant levels of public and private investment, technology transfer and capacity building. NAMAs could drive this transformation in developing countries – if we seize the opportunity.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and new market mechanisms won’t deliver what we need before 2020. This is because of: