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Peru Distributed Generation Workshop

As part of the Gestión Clima program, and to support the achievement of Peru’s Nationally Determined Contribution, the Peruvian Ministry of Environment (MINAM) developed a national program to explore the feasibility and to propose an implementation scheme to promote distributed renewable energy in the country. CCAP and Libélula provided support for this work through technical analysis, stakeholder engagement, and policy recommendations. As part of these efforts, MINAM, CCAP and Libélula convened a workshop that took place in Lima, Peru and had the following objectives:

  • Share progress on existing initiatives that are underway in Peru that can/will support the development of distributed generation (DG).

  • Enhance coordination between ongoing initiatives and promote complementarity.

  • Showcase international best practices for promoting DG, address national barriers, improve implementation capacity and facilitate the development of appropriate policy options for the local context.

  • Solicit input from relevant stakeholders to inform the relevant processes associated with DG promotion.

  • Highlight the market opportunities and economic benefits of DG, based on international experiences.

The workshop brought together a variety of stakeholders including: government representatives from the Ministries of Environment and Energy, electricity regulators, electricity system operators, utility companies, regional government officials, international experts, private sector actors and other potential beneficiaries of distributed generation.


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