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Waste Management Consultancy in Fiji and Samoa

The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) is a nongovernmental nonprofit that promotes ambitious climate action globally. Based in Washington DC with staff located across the world, we help policymakers worldwide develop, promote, and implement innovative, market-based solutions to major climate problems that balance both environmental and economic interests. 

CCAP is a collegial, non-hierarchical organization known for its emphasis on cutting-edge analysis, productive policy dialogues, and on-the-ground delivery of transformative policy programs and projects. This is a unique opportunity for the right person to make a significant contribution to achieving pragmatic solutions and effective policy change in a variety of policy environments around the world.

About the Recycle Organics Program

Initially funded by the Global Methane Hub (GMH) for Latin America and now expanded to the Caribbean and Pacific by Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Recycle Organics program focuses on reducing methane emissions from the waste sector by providing technical and financial support to accelerate project implementation, advance enabling policy frameworks, and increase capacities and knowledge exchange among Small Island Developing States (SIDS). 

The overarching goal of this three-year program is to accelerate the implementation of methane mitigation projects in the waste sector and create enabling conditions for a sustained expansion of organic waste management technologies that bring significant environmental, economic, and social benefits. Participating countries will receive multiple benefits at both the national and municipal levels, from support for innovative waste policy development and overcoming existing barriers to waste sector development, to direct support to identify and build a pipeline of projects that improve waste management and minimize its environmental impacts.

Project Description

CCAP is seeking two in-country individual consultants or firms that will provide consulting services to support CCAP’s international methane mitigation and climate change work in the Pacific region. The persons or firms will lead the on-the-ground implementation and coordination of the program’s activities, with one working specifically in Fiji and the other in Samoa. The consultants/firms will report to Recycle Organics Pacific Team. 

Responsibilities include:

1.    Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Lead data collection efforts related to Waste Policy and Regulation, including governance and institutional framework analysis.

  • Lead data collection efforts related to project development, such as local infrastructure prices and salaries.

  • Visit on-site potential projects and potential land for organic waste management projects.

  • Conduct assessments of Waste management practices, encompassing collection, transport, treatment practices, and facilities.

  • Identify the main sectoral contributors to Waste Generation in the country.

  • Identify, interview, and assess key organizations involved in the waste sector.

  • Identify potential financial sources for organic waste projects that are already operating in the country.

  • Document information gathered through site visits, meetings, and other activities.

  • Collect visual material (pictures and videos) and on-site missions and meetings to support social media posts.

2.    Project Management and Coordination:

  • Contribute to the drafting and validation of reports prepared by the Recycle Organics team, including baseline assessments, project identification reports, mitigation potential estimations, and more.

  • Generate content related to organic waste management proposals, which may include policy recommendations and/or technical reports.

  • Provide insights and strategic recommendations on the policy and institutional landscape pertaining to waste management.

3.    Stakeholder Liaison and Collaboration:

  • Act as a liaison between Recycle Organics and waste sector counterparts in the country, fostering effective collaboration and communication.

  • Conduct outreach activities to engage relevant stakeholders in both the public and private sectors to build partnerships and garner support for waste management initiatives.

4.    Administrative Support

  • Provide administrative and project task support to Project Managers as needed.

  • Coordinate key meetings and activities throughout the program’s duration, including organizing site visits, in-country missions, and workshops.

Note: As the program evolves, the responsibilities and expected deliverables of this role will be specifically defined, adapting to the specific needs and progress of the project


  • A solid understanding of the waste management sector at both national and local levels. 

  • A degree in a relevant discipline or the equivalent experience in environmental, climate, or waste management (organic waste is a plus)

  • Capable and comfortable engaging with stakeholders and maintaining dialogue on environmental issues.

  • Able to work independently and be proactive in an autonomous environment.

  • Excellent research and writing skills.

  • Fluency in English

  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

  • Business development capabilities/oriented.

  • Preference for candidates based in-country.

  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and respect for timeliness and deadlines

  • Experience with Microsoft Office including Teams, Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.


To be considered for this role, send a brief (1 page max) cover letter describing your qualifications, and a cv/resume to  A writing sample is welcomed but not required.

The deadline to submit applications is September 15th, 2023. All applications will be given fair evaluation and consideration.

To expedite the review process, please type “Waste Management Consultancy in Fiji/Samoa” and your name (Last, First) as the only contents in the subject line of your e-mail.

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