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"We are in a methane mitigation moment."

Environment Pollution

Our Vision

To reduce methane emissions in the waste sector by advancing policies, programs and projects that contribute to sustainable waste management and accelerate methane mitigation initiatives.  


To raise awareness about the impacts and potency of this powerful greenhouse gas, while showcasing replicable solutions to help governments and private sector companies reach their climate goals through mitigation actions, while elevating the ambition of waste sector mitigation targets in countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).   

Why methane?

Reducing methane is among the fastest paths to preventing global warming in the short term. 
Waste Tubes

Our Mission

A Policy Approach: To advance public policies and a regulatory framework that attract private sector investments to develop and support the implementation of projects that would otherwise not be bankable—this means that banks are willing to invest in projects that reduce methane emissions within the waste sector.   


On-the-Ground: To work with engaged local leaders and key stakeholders to understand the current state of municipal waste management and discuss issues and potential solutions. CCAP shares the opportunities that exist with current, implementable, locally relevant technology that can be put in place to better manage waste, while creating new green jobs, reducing methane emissions, and creating reusable resources such as compost, energy and biogas. 


Raising Awareness: To provide more visibility to the solutions that actively reduce emissions in the waste sector. Showcasing the successes surrounding methane mitigation activities allows other countries around the world and within the region to leverage and understand the dangers of methane and see the replicable and obtainable opportunities available to them to reduce this “super pollutant.” From a social standpoint, raising awareness of the public is key to allowing citizens to understand the impact of methane and the significance for communities to act fast to play a role in cutting methane emissions.  

Our Team