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2015 International Dialogue on Enhancing Ambition through Climate Finance (IDEA)

The International Dialogue on Enhancing Ambition through Climate Finance was held in Bonn, Germany on October 24, 2015, on the margins of the last inter-sessional meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2015. Organized by CCAP, and co-hosted by Pete Betts of the United Kingdom and Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the dialogue brought together Green Climate Fund (GCF) board members, UNFCCC climate negotiators, climate finance experts, and other high-level policy makers for an informal, off-the-record discussion on how the 2015 Paris agreement can spur climate ambition through effective use of climate finance to help countries convert their INDCs into policies, programs and finance-ready investment strategies.

The dialogue built on the successes of CCAP’s 2014 IDEA dialogue in New York and a June 2015 UNFCCC policy lunch, and explored efforts already underway to convert INDCs. . The IDEA dialogue provided a forum for different stakeholders to collaborate across their areas of expertise and build consensus around next steps to work together following Paris. The IDEA dialogue was made possible with the generous support of Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI).


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