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CCAP adds new associates for Carbon Markets, Climate Finance programs

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

CCAP is pleased to announce the hiring of Martin Perez, a new Senior Associate for Carbon Markets, and Samantha Youngeun Shin, a new Associate for Climate Finance.

"CCAP is excited to continue building a strong team of experts in carbon markets and climate finance," said Allison Bender-Corbett, executive director of CCAP. "Both Martin and Samantha have shown an outstanding dedication to meeting the most important and challenging goal of our time: Transitioning to a clean, carbon-neutral, and fair economy."

Martin Perez is a carbon markets expert with over a decade of experience in carbon pricing, voluntary markets, and UNFCCC negotiations with focus on Article 6 and transparency rules. He is also a Forestry Engineer with an MSc in International Affairs and experience in designing and executing carbon markets models, including with social and environmental justice dimensions. He has managed governmental and private initiatives, guiding international cooperation and identifying the proper use of the carbon markets to best benefit communities.

In Colombia's Ministry of the Environment, Martin worked designing performance-based payment programs and carbon monitoring rules for the Colombian carbon tax.

Martin has also worked as a consultant for the governments of Mexico, Panama, and Colombia and for a wide range of NGOs, specializing in applying new methodologies for carbon certification programs, developing guidelines for green gas houses inventories in cities, and achieving better agreements between carbon markets traders and local communities. Martin participated in the Glasgow UNFCCC, COP26, advising Latin American countries during negotiations on carbon markets and transparency rules.

Martin is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Samantha Youngeun Shin is a graduate student at Sciences Po Paris in France and was previously an intern for CCAP, where she worked on NDC implementation projects, providing tailored climate finance tracking methodologies and frameworks for the Philippines and Seychelles. She also conducted an extensive analysis and technical training on sustainable finance taxonomies.

Samantha previously worked as a power plant performance and sales engineer at General Electric Power for six years based in Korea, the United States, and France. She provided power plant efficiency improvement solutions for customers in Asia, Europe, and Africa. She also worked as a climate policy analyst at a Non-Governmental Organization where she conducted advocacy campaigns on climate change and developed policy briefs on identified climate change issues and carbon-neutral strategies in Southeast Asia.

Samantha is currently in her second year of study for a master’s in Environmental Policy, where she focuses on climate finance and project management. She holds a Master degree in Energy Systems Engineering at Seoul National University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Inha University in South Korea. She is fluent in Korean, English, and French.

“I am excited to continue working with CCAP on these important issues. Mobilizing and scaling up climate finance is critical to achieving the global climate and sustainability goals, and I look forward to helping multilateral/bilateral organizations and governments meet this challenge.”

CCAP helps policy makers around the world develop, promote, and implement innovative, market-based solutions to major climate, air quality and energy problems that balance both environmental and economic interests.

Core work areas include climate finance, developing country capacity building and facilitative dialogue, carbon markets, and the development of national climate strategies, sectoral mitigation programs, and climate finance proposals.


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