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Recap | CCAP Participates in ICAT Country and Toolbox Coordination Event

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

On Thursday, October 20, CCAP engaged in the Country and Toolbox Coordination Group call and presented the progress of a climate finance transparency guide and toolbox. Showcasing the key highlights of the draft version of the guide with the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) implementing partners and Secretariat, CCAP Climate Policy Associate Samantha Shin discussed the proposed five-phase climate finance transparency cycle methodology, which aims for a smooth implementation by countries and key international methodologies that have been benchmarked.

Additionally, Felix Fallasch from the Oko-Institut, which serves as a Member of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute Consortium and one of ICAT's implementing partners, shared the ICAT national transparency framework building project implemented in Liberia. He discussed the methodology of assessing the impact of mitigation policies, measures and actions, as well as the challenges and results of tracking and monitoring progress during NDC implementation in the country.

“Given that the climate finance transparency methodology development has nearly been completed and is expected to be implemented in three countries starting in November, it was useful to learn about bottlenecks and the process of resolving the difficulties in the implementation stage of other projects,” said Shin.

During the call, the ICAT Secretariat also discussed future work plans and announced its involvement in COP27 events, including one in which CCAP will co-host with ICAT under the theme of transparency.


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