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Strengthening Capacities of the NDA of Peru for the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Program

As primary contact with the Green Climate Fund (GCF), National Designated Authorities (NDAs) are in charge of managing the country’s relation with the Fund and its stakeholders. This includes, among other aspects, providing a “no objection” communication to proponents of projects and programs to be implemented in the country, managing relations with those proponents, and defining the way the country will prioritize access to the Fund’s resources through a Country Program that includes a pipeline of projects/programs. NDAs can also be more proactive in its engagement, for example, by marshaling direct access entities to apply for accreditation and by recruiting AE partners to advance specific proposals that are well aligned with the country’s priorities.

To help build the Peruvian NDA’s capacity to engage with the GCF, CCAP is conducting a series of workshops with the following general objectives:

  • train key personnel of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Ministry of Environment (MINAM) to have proactive interactions with the GCF Secretariat, Board members, accredited entities, and other relevant actors in the GCF and broader framework of climate finance. Areas of focus included:

  • GCF structure

  • Access modalities to the GCF

  • Financial instruments to channel the Fund’s resources (grants, loans, guarantees, equity)

  • Project cycle, investment criteria, and other ley elements for GCF proposal design such as technical analyses and logic framework

  • provide a general framework of the climate finance architecture and where the GCF fits into it, particularly to mobilize and unlock private climate finance the operation modalities of the GCF to personnel of MEF and MINAM

  • share updates on GCF operations and portfolio with MEF, MINAM, and accredited entities (national and international) operating in Peru.

Presentations by the following MEF and MINAM officials further supported the workshop objectives: Lucia Ruiz, Vice Minister of MINAM

  • Cristina Rodríguez, MINAM Director of Adaptation

  • Laura Secada, MINAM Director of Mitigation and Greenhouse Gases