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The Start of an Urban Renaissance: Colombia TOD NAMA Expands to Monteria

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Colombia transit-oriented development (TOD) NAMA has recently expanded to encompass a fourth city. Monteria, a city of 400,000, is located along the Sinú River near the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Ambitious plans to “re-inhabit” the city’s historic central area are being refined with the technical support of CIUDAT, the NAMA supported center for transit-oriented development. CIUDAT is located within FINDETER’s new sustainable urban development section, the Jefatura de gestion urbana integral.

CIUDAT’s team of urban development, transportation, environment, social and finance experts recently visited Monteria, where they met with staff from the Mayor’s Office and the Planning and Infrastructure Department of the municipality. They reviewed a number of projects that are part of the current administration’s Vive el Centro initiative which aims to transform the historical center by recovering public space, enhancing cultural infrastructure and reinforcing formal c